How Guys In Their 20s, 30s, and 40s Get
The Ripped Bodies They Dream Of
While Enjoying The Foods You Love

From a leading trainer who loves food so much he’s known as “Hasanga” … discover the REAL secret to losing weight and keeping it off forever, as you add muscle and turn back the clock.
By: Hasan Adkins, Nationally Certified Fitness Coach and Lasagna Lover
Have you ever thought about seeing your abs without going on some bullshit cleanse or diet?
Are you tired of your love handles?
Do you want to feel as strong as you did in high school?
Do you cringe at the thought of hours boring cardio…
…or crazy diets
…or eating girly rabbit food while drinking apple cider vinegar?

There’s Good News! Help Is On The Way

You shouldn’t worry about the scale.
You should worry about getting strong (without living in the gym) and living your best life…while having fun along the way,
Consistency is more important than being a slave to the scale.
I remember how miserable I was cutting weight for wrestling and don’t wish that kind of extremism and deprivation on anyone. Better to eat lasagna instead!
Yes, it’s possible.
Welcome to the #Hasagna Fat Loss Protocol.
You’re probably asking yourself:
“When did I start getting tired walking up a flight of steps? “
When did I gain this 20 lbs?
Let’s face it: The older you get, the harder it seems to get your lean and athletic body back.
The “high school stud” days seem like a long time ago.
You’ve tried it all: Intermittent Fasting, cutting carbs, and even giving up booze and beer completely. But nothing worked for long.
Here’s the answer:
Man up and get it done!
Over the last two years with expecting a kid, business stressors, and thinking I had COVID every fucking day, I found my athletic physique looking “dad bodish.”
I recomitted to fitness and succeed, using these principles:
    (1) Fitness should be through, short, and to the point.
    (2) There are not good or bad foods, just bad habits.
    (3) Also: stop being a little bitch.
But don’t just take my word for it.
Meet Reggie,
who lost 20 pounds for good. He built lean muscle and raised his energy levels to be the dad he needs to be for his kids.
The Hasagna Fat Loss Protocol has 3 Pillars to guarantee you to lose 20 lbs or more and see your abs.

Pillar #1: Workouts That Work

With the tap of my fitness app, you will have a handcrafted program at your fingertips. Including are demo videos and 24/7 messaging. You will also do regular check-ins.

The end result? Defined abs, a big chest, and the feeling you can do anything…including grabbing that promotion at work.

Pillar #2: Sensible Nutrition

Forget about crazy, restrictive diets. You’ll never be able to follow them for long, anyway. And why deny yourself the foods you love? Who wants to live on salads and dry chicken and broccoli?
You can enjoy your date night with your wife, and drink a beer while watching sports with your buddies.Your plan will be flexible and adaptable.

You will learn more about your own hunger cues and how to develop long term habits to not only lose the weight but keep it off forever.

A little common sense goes a long way. It’s all about balance and moderation. There are no “bad foods” that must be banned. And if you get off track, as we all do from time to time, you’ll learn how to get back on track without beating yourself up.

Pillar #3: Absolute Accountability

Changing your body and your life starts with changing your habits. I’ll be there to support your step of the way with all the support and encouragement you need…

…along with a kick in the ass, when THAT’s what you need.
Meet my client,
Jimmy, who weighed 280 pounds a few years ago. He was uncomfortable with his body, and so busy with work and taking care of his family that he had no time to take care of himself.
The strangest part?
Jimmy used to work out for hours a day but saw little to no results.

We cut his time in the gym in half and smoked 70 pounds of fat as Jimmy improved his energy.

Best of all: Jimmy still enjoys burgers and whiskey.

Imagine This

Imagine: Turning back the clock to your glory days when you felt strong, powerful, and capable of anything.
Imagine: How good it’ll feel when every aspect of your life is in alignment, and full of greatness.
Imagine: How good it’ll feel when you’re walking around with a body you’re proud of, getting praised and recognized for your new defined look.
Imagine: How good it’ll feel when all of this is happening without sacrificing your social life.
You could try doing all this on your own. But be honest. How well has that worked in the past? Is there any reason to think this time will be different?

Why not have an expert take care of everything for you? You won’t have to waste hours figuring out exactly what to do with nutrition, or when to switch up your training, or what supplements you should/shouldn’t take. Instead, you can just focus on you.

Let’s hop on a call to find out if you’re a good match for Hasagna Fat Loss Protocol.