Jun 15th, 2020

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As an Online Fitness Coach, my clients often wonder: “Am I doing enough to get rid of this stomach?” or “How do I know if this plan is going to help me lose 20 lbs?

If I had to guess, based on the sales from belly wraps and apple cider vinegar -for weight loss- 90% of people have NO idea how to determine if their plan will GUARANTEE to lose the 10-15 lbs.

So, how can you prove to yourself and bank account you’re on the right track.

Here are 5 ways you can do that today.

1) Weight Loss. For those who know me outside of fitness, know HOW MUCH I HATE to amplify the success solely off the scale. It can turn into a compulsive mind trap, but I know how motivating it is to be 3 lbs lighter after your first 7 days of starting;  and since the beginning is the absolute hardest, seeing a lighter scale weight will give you the early push needed to lose weight.

2) Pictures. Most of us -allegedly- enjoy selfies, but how incredible do you feel when you see a selfie with some and abs or leg definition?  When the scale “stops” moving, your next method to look for your progress would be selfies. It’s physical proof you’re building new muscles and ditching the flab, so now you KNOW you’re getting closer to your goals.  My client Carol (who works 60 hours a week) loves flexing her arms in the mirror. In fact, we gave her a nickname, #FLEXCITYCAROL (lol). Take a selfie every week while on a training plan and look for new muscle.

3) Strength Train. If you’ve ever said to yourself: “My metabolism is slowing down” after looking in the mirror (and you want to change), it might be time to start strength training. Strength training tones and sculpts those “trouble areas” on your body–you know the love handles, saddlebags, and back roll. To make sure your fat is evaporating like the Giants Defense in the 4th quarter, complete a progressive workout plan that challenges every week.  My clients are hitting new personal records every week –proving their plan is working.

4) Total Calories Burned in 24 hours  (TDEE). Have you ever felt like this or said to yourself: “I feel like I needed to do more because I wasn’t sweating enough.” Most people feel like a drenched shirt means you’re getting closer to your goal weight — not quite. The short answer to this question is, the more muscle you build -in an anti-bulking way- the more calories you will burn at rest-OR sitting at a desk. For example, my client Lauren, a busy mother of 2, burned over 2000  calories in 24 hours with one of my 30-minute workouts, this also propelled her to lose 15 lbs of fat without living in the gym. See, you need visual proof your plan is working and burning a ton of calories a day motivates you to keep going.

5) Clothes Fitting better. How do you feel after you complete a month or two of working out and those skinny jeans are fitting perfectly? When your clothes start hugging your body like your partner does after a long day. Then your plan is working

Anyone of these tips will be the needle for you and help you hit your goal; and one probably speaks more to you than the other ones.

What method spoke to you directly? Comment below.


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