Jun 4th, 2020

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Are you struggling with finding your MOTIVATION to workout and eat healthier, so you can see your abs?
Most people after (30 years old) know what they have to do to see abs; work out, eat right( blah blah) and the results will come. Right?
The problem is you’re unmotivated to do so; you feel heavy (mentally and/or emotionally) and you’re thinking, “I’ll workout “tomorrow,” -which you’ve been telling yourself for 2 years now.
You’re in a motivational funk, and working out just brings on more stress and anxiety, so now you’re postponing the whole working out thing.
Well, personally I was in your shoes for several weeks during the lockdown- and George Floyd’s death has made me feel more angered than motivated. #RIPGEORGEFLOYD
But, I do understand how important it is to be in a healthy state; but equally, understand how hard it is to feel motivated to do so.
I’m going to give you a motivational tip that has worked for me and 2 of my private clients.
Make a plan that GETS QUICK RESULTS because NOTHING will make you feel more motivated than seeing results.
Let me prove it to you, so keep reading.
How did you feel after you’ve dropped 2-3 lbs within a WEEK of eating right and exercising?
I’ll assume MOTIVATED, right?
When my client dropped her first 2 lbs in 7 days, her motivation was at an all-time high. She started meal prepping more, working out consistently, and felt MOTIVATED to do so.
Well, it’s simple: RESULTS MOTIVATE YOU to keep going.
When you’re getting closer to your goals- you’re feeling motivated ( because your goals excite you). So you will have a reason to keep going.
But this also works in the opposite direction: IF YOU’RE NOT GETTING RESULTS, then you will feel “unmotivated” and refuse to change. In fact, you won’t. You will keep drinking the wine, Tequila, and ordering from Uber eats. (that was me the first 5 weeks of lockdown).
Motivation is tough when times are normal, but NOW it’s more challenging than ever. Somedays you will feel unstoppable, other days you will feel like a real-life soap opera.
The key is to keep the internal dialogue positive and keep showing up on the good and bad days. Your results will come, it’s just a matter of time.
So to wrap up: Create a goal, have a plan that gets you results, and work through the “unmotivated” feelings. Sound good?
So, tell me in the comments, how do you work through days when you’re feeling unmotivated?
Let’s get motivated together.

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