Good Vibes For Weight-Loss? Maybe Not.

Apr 27th, 2020

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Good Vibes For Weight-Loss? Maybe Not.

This MIGHT PISS SOME “GOOD VIBES” people all the way off, BUT this has to be said.
See, as I was watching the Bull’s #LastDance documentary with my boy, King- myself and the rest of the world got to see the DNA of a true champion.
The Bulls needed more than “good vibes” to overcome the Bad Boy Pistons to win an NBA championship (I imagine it is hard to tell the Pistons those words during the ’80s lol).
You will need more than good vibes to overcome whatever your version of “The Bad Boys” are in your life. Some examples are fear of success, fear of failure, fear of looking bad, lack of motivation, lack of discipline, negative thoughts, etc.
And I want to make it crystal clear: “GOOD VIBES,” do have a place in this world and positivity is powerful-especially during these times, but in this particular case, you’re going to need more than good vibes to see results.
Here’s what Jordan did:
He went with his Personal Trainer, Tim Grover, to build muscle mass. Jordan realized he was a “hard-gainer” and needed to add muscle to win the series through his physicality. He was adopting a “war-like” mindset to overcome the Pistons, so he can earn his first championship. So his first steps were to get in the weight room and practice longer. Naturally, his teammates followed suit.
As we saw his pep talk to Horace Grant (after basically being assaulted by Detroit); he told him- get up, don’t let them see you complain, that’s how they know their plan is working.
Sometimes you have to get on the attack when life knocks you down, and life will knock you down. This is the time to dig deep, find your “why” for doing this, and get back at it.
I feel like life challenges you during any improvement journey; to see how bad you want it or what you’ll sacrifice to get it. (just like Detroit challenged the Bulls 3 consecutive seasons before they broke through). This is when you have to get on the attack and not let the bullshit get a hold of you.
Do you agree?
When you’re ready to melt off those 10-15 lbs, I GUARANTEE some bullshit is going to happen. Think of Detroit punching you in the face, seeing how bad you want it. The next move is up to you. Maybe your car broke down, a bill came up, a recession hit, a break-up happened; all are unfortunate events, but what can you still do to move closer to your goal NOW?
See, looking at before and after photos of people who lost 50-60 lbs is motivating, but there were tons of adversity those individuals had to face to get their results. You will face adversity too -and overcome it- but it’s part of your process.
For the Bulls, they overcame adversity through masterful coaching, team commodore, mental tenacity and physical strength.
I would generally think, mental tenacity and physical strength are good places to start.
When you are looking to improve yourself -whether it’s losing weight or building muscle- shit always hits the fan. Keep the good vibes attitude, but lace up your jays and start attacking YOUR version of the Pistons.
It can be DONE, even if it takes longer than you anticipated.
Don’t quit, you’re worth the change, and every “failure” is a lesson for you.
If you feel like quitting, watch that Jordan Documentary and let it reignite your inner drive to crush it.
If you’re ready to embrace adversity to get your results, drop your favorite emoji below and get to work.
Talk soon,

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