Apr 20th, 2020

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To steal a quote from the legendary Tim Grover himself:
“The physical body has limits, the mind does not.”
If you’re not sure who Tim Grover is, he is the mastermind Professional Trainer who’s worked with the best of the best for years. (ex: Mike Jordan, Tiger Woods)
Mr.Grover is huge on the mental aspect of life and fitness; so, working on your mindset shift (from feeling doubtful to knowing you can crush this) BY far is the most crucial step needed to change now.
Remember: Your mind trains your body, and your mind is limitless.
Here are 3 Tips from Tim Grover on having a Limitless Mindset :

  1. Be Fueled by FAILURE. Have you ever failed? ( It can be in any aspect of your life; relationship, business, education, etc) Of course, you have, EVERYONE has failed and hit a personal low point in their life. So now that I know I’m talking directly to you, here’s your takeaway: don’t take failure personally. Failure happens to everyone, it’s usually not talked about often because it’s not a sexy topic, but it happens. When you fail, you have 2 options: Take it personally and think you’re a failure, or -use this as a learning experience to get better next time. As a direct example, let’s use you on a weight-loss journey. You start a 60-day weight-loss challenge and hope it’s going to work. You hit some adversity during the journey and the result isn’t what you expected. Do you tell yourself, “Shit, I’m a failure,” or do you tell yourself “where did I go wrong and how can I get better?” You know the obvious choice here. Let your failures fuel you by not taking it personally and then get your ass back in the gym. (Just like Jordan did against Detroit).

2. PUT IN THE WORK. I’m not a huge believer in “motivation,” I’ve tried it for respective jobs I’ve had in the past and realized the motivating thing wasn’t for me. So, listen closely since you want to change: YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK. It’s that simple; there is no magic pill or any overnight formula to improve, besides getting to work.. Putting in consistent work, especially when times get tough is the only way you will see change. Every minute you meditate; every rep you complete; every mile you run (or bike); every hour you sleep and recover; all count as putting in the work. Put in the work -first believing you’re worth the change- and you will see change. Put in the work.

3. Surround Yourself With Greatness. Basically, Eagles hang with fellow Eagles, so get with some Eagles. This group of people are high flyers with incredible work ethics and bring up everyone around them. Being a member of a community where you can find people as crazy as you -who wake up at 5:00 am for workouts- improves your will power during tempting times and will make this lifestyle transition sustainable. For example: If you’re a mom who wants to feel toned and more confident, be around other moms with similar goals. If you’re a bro, who wants to be jacked and lose the gut, be around dudes with similar goals– aka, join a community that will benefit you. (If you’re looking for a community of like-minded healthy people, check out my group here. ) Nobody does anything alone, not even Kobe or Jordan. Find a community online or in-person that fits your needs and that will keep you accountable.

If you’re over 30 years old, you can get in the best shape of your life by applying these principles. Applying all 3 would be ideal, but which one is your favorite and why?
Let me know in the comments!

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