When Pandemics Punch YOU in the FACE, PUNCH IT BACK!

Apr 13th, 2020

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When Pandemics Punch YOU in the FACE, PUNCH IT BACK!

Yo, Has here and for I’m writing to you IF you feel like “throwing in the towel” on your goals and dreams because of this quarantine.
If you feel like you can’t stop snacking, have no drive to workout, just feeling like “you’re done,” this feeling is what I called being knocked out.
Just like in any fight (because that’s what you’re in right now), there’s a chance someone can get knocked out.
There’s also a chance you can get right back up and turn the fight’s trajectory around in your favor.
If you’re feeling “knocked out” and on the ropes during this quarantine, here are 3 steps you can take right now to punch this pandemic in the kisser:
Get Mentally Fit. This pandemic has taught us how precious life is, but also how important the “inner-game” of being healthy is. At this point, we’ve heard how important mindsets are; but sitting inside, allows us to reflect within ourselves. This can be a good or bad thing. However, any way to improve or maintain those positive outlooks on life starts with meditation and gratitude.

Gratitude. Just being thankful allows you to focus on what you DO have as opposed to what you’re “lacking.” During this #covid19 pandemic, focusing on what I do have -even the simplest things- has created peace and tranquility within me; this ultimately allows me to help my clients— and creating a schedule is a proven system that gets you moving.

Create a Schedule: Creating times for work, play, eating and free-time sounds unreasonable and “militaristic,” but it’s quite the contrary; structure emphasizes your productivity– and when productivity increases, this saves time. As productivity increases- over time-, you will see more changes and feel less stressed. If you’re thinking “I don’t know where to start,” well, start right here in this order: meditation, hydration, and exercise. This will develop a ton of consistency which will lead to mental peace and physical results. (if you need a sample workout plan, direct message me and I can give you a quick one to do).

Many of us have been knocked down during this pandemic of #covid19, but let’s get back up and do what we can. This won’t last forever and you can do this, we are all in this together.
Are you ready to glove up and throw your best punches?
Let me know in the comments.
Talk soon,

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