9 Exercises To Get AS “JACKED” as Jack Ryan

Dec 20th, 2019

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9 Exercises To Get AS “JACKED” as Jack Ryan

SPOILER ALERT: I’m the African-American version of Jack Ryan, so that’s why I’m in the picture.
The majority of us feel motivated to make some changes after watching a movie or TV show where the actors are more jacked than us; maybe seeing it on the screen has a deep impact on you and lights a fire under your ass to change.
This happened to me while I was watching the hit series Jack Ryan; he was like Super Jacked during the show and it made me question my own workout plan.
(Funny story: I was watching the show with a woman I’m dating and I saw how his girlfriend in the show listened to everything he said and brought him coffee while he was at work; this is a little different from my typical experience with significant others, so naturally, I assumed it was because he was jacked.)
So, I was like, “this guy might be onto something, let’s give it a shot with his workout plan.”
Well, his workout plan was definitely intense, and – coupled with great coaches and an immaculate food plan- his results showed. So, congrats to John Krasinski for earning that physique and crushing that role.
So, here’s what I was thinking and how it pertains to you right now: How can a lasagna- loving, cardio-hating, busy bro, look like Jack Ryan?
And also, how can many people with the same considerations – lack time, lack of motivation, feeling burned out from work, and a ton of life stressors – look like their versions of Jack Ryan?
Even though your goal may not be to look like a celebrity or achieve a body fat percentage in the single digits,, you can certainly learn how to build or improve the body you’re currently in. That’s the major take home.
Here’s what I know for certain: you don’t need to work out two hours a day and go on an extreme diet to get stronger and healthier. We both know those things rarely work. BUT, having a plan of action that you can crush immediately, frequently and confidently is the key to getting you stronger and healthier.
So, I’ve compiled several proven exercises you can do at your own pace to get healthier and stronger; and who knows, maybe a director will be calling you to play a role in a Tom Clancy film.
Let’s get right into it – and if you’re looking for a virtual health coaching plan go here: https://forms.gle/MhoFuDGDoWJoa1zV7
Quick disclaimer: if you have any kind of injury or physical limitation, consult your doctor before trying any of the below exercises.
General Rule: for best results, aim for a weight where 4-6 reps, 1-4 sets are challenging
  1. Leg Press: This machine will add some great some size to your legs and eliminate the leg jiggle. This is a great machine because you can add heavier weight safely and track your progress over time. You’ll need to find a leg press machine at your gym, then comfortably adjust yourself within the machine. Use your heels to push through the weight and focus on your breathing patterns throughout the movement.
  2. Incline Press: Having a flat chest will not only get you friend-zoned but will also leave you unsure of yourself. Chest size definitely matters, but I digress. These exercises will start to add mass to your arms and chest in one movement. Here’s how you set it up: go grab an adjustable bench, set up the incline option and grab a pair of dumbbells. Push up the dumbbells while keeping your arms close to your body throughout the pressing movements.
  3. Incline Row: This exercise will make you stand taller, allow you to present yourself with confidence, and will cause you to just look cooler physically. “Incline Row” is a fancy-schmancy term for face down rows (and provides support for your back, so you don’t have to worry about back pain while lifting). Now, go grab a bench, adjust to an incline setting, and lay chest-side-down… You’ll want to have a pair of dumbbells underneath the bench. Pull the dumbbells up to your rib cage, keeping your arms in a straight line with your rib cage.
  4. Kettlebell Thruster: If you just weigh more than you expected and are now looking to get back on track in the gym: do this exercise. You will burn three times as many calories in 20 minutes when compared to the treadmill. Grab the Kettlebell, hoist it up to chest level with elbows tucked in; this will be your starting position. Squat down with the weight (ideally your elbows hitting your thighs) and stand up tall, pressing the weight over your head. If anything hurts, eliminate the press. This exercise should be completed for time, instead of reps; aim for about 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Repeat 3-4 times with a manageable weight.
  5. Stability Ball Plank: Of course, we CANNOT forget the abs. I’d be lying if I said I don’t look at my abs while in the gym, and so should you. Anyone who says abs aren’t to be shown should be considered enemies. So, grab a stability ball, get in the plank position, without moving your body. The whole goal is to not move your body! Please, I beg you, do not clasp your hands– there’s a great chance you will fall off the ball.
  6. Reverse Lunge: Listen, nobody likes a flat backside. Women love it on men, men love it on women, so that means: do more lunges to get stronger and have a leg up in the mating game. I teach this exercise with dumbbells because they’re joint-friendly. Grab a pair of dumbbells, stand up tall, and step back, making a 90-degree angle with your back leg and then repeat.
  7. Romanian Dumbbell Deadlift: Read the above description of why you should work out your legs and stuff. This exercise is advanced and does take PRACTICE to perfect, but you can perfect it if you put in the time. Grab a pair of dumbbells, stand up tall, push your hips back (maintaining a flat back), and drive your shoulders forward. If this hurts your back, drop the weight and head over to the hamstring curl machine.
  8. Lat Pull Downs: Everyone wants the V-Taper look while wearing a fitted suit, or sitting at a bar drinking your favorite drink; well, this exercise will body slam unwanted body fat on your back and arms. Find your gym’s Lat Pulldown machine and get adjusted. You want to pull arms to your side (using a wide grip) and then return the weight very slowly to the starting position.
  9. Bicep Curls: Everybody wants toned or jacked arms. Bicep curls have been getting humans lean and toned since the Stone Ages. You can use a barbell, cables, dumbbells, kids, dogs; whatever you can get your hands on to curl. The most important part of this exercise is to curl up fast (by bringing your pinkies to your eyeballs) then releasing very slowly. This is where you will be building those biceps, or, as we say in the bro community: “curlies for the girlies.”
Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and we hope these tips will help you get closer to your goals. If you found this helpful, share it with a friend or “like” on social media.
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