Avoid This Mindset When Losing Weight

Jun 24th, 2019

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Avoid This Mindset When Losing Weight

How do you feel after jumping on the scale (within a month of working out) and the scale DID NOT MOVE?
Frustrated, I can imagine.
I know you’re working out ALOT and eating healthy, but not seeing results sucks. Especially when you’re doing everything possible to lose weight.
Well, you are earning results and you will learn later another way to tell.
This article will encourage you to stay on the right track and show you how to avoid a HUGE MISTAKE 92% weight-loss clients make in their fitness journey.
Golden Rule for TODAY: Weight loss starts in your head, then it moves down to your body.
Typically within the first month, your weight loss journey already tested your willpower and self-confidence. Your job is to keep showing up everyday for yourself regardless of what the scale says.
The #1 mistake people make in their fitness journey is doing too much , too soon. Especially when the pounds aren’t dropping as fast as promised.
I’ve seen clients push themselves so hard in the gym after cheat meals and before vacations to the point of physical agony and exhaustion, just to quickly lose those 15 lbs.
We’ve coined this as having the Punisher’s Mindset.
Maybe, it’s the old saying: “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” which leads people to think the more sore you are after a workout, the more results you’ll see.
This mindset leads to burnout, boredom, and misery. (you will also see little to no weight-loss, even though you’re working out for hours).
In order to lose weight, it’s 1000% nutrition.
You will see results once you clean up your food choices, that’s a guarantee.
One thing we know for a fact: Real results are slow.
Exercise has a million long health benefits- but it takes time to see these benefits.
One workout will not burn off the wine you drank last night; one workout won’t get you beach ready.
But, a series of workouts -with proper eating- will DEFINITELY get you there.
If you’re looking for long term health benefits , such as lowered blood pressure, chasing your kids pain free, having an active dating life, keeping that spark in your partner’s eyes, and having better sex (because sex is performance based lol); the Punisher’s Menality won’t serve you here.
These kinds of results take time, guidance, consistency.
Here’s my 3 Step Process to seeing permanent and life-changing results.
  1. Embrace a FORGIVING MINDSET: coming from a former athlete, mistakes meant pain, let down, and just embarrassment. This is what I failed to realize early on: all athletes make mistakes, but the best ones come back stronger. Forgive yourself and move on. Mistakes do not mean you’re worthless; mistakes mean you’re human. Take pride in being human; humans are very resilient with awesome problem solving skills.With every meal and every workout, you have the opportunity to reset and build your momentum in the right direction.
  2. Embrace the SLOW RESULTS MINDSET: Results will come, but not fast. Regardless of what any Muscle and Fitness Magazine say, this takes a hell of a long time to earn and maintain. You will see results and feel differently, but most throwing in the white towel seems like a good idea. Remind yourself, hard work never goes unnoticed and everything is coming together. Slow progress, is indeed, progressing.
  3. Gratitude: You’re not the person who started this journey several weeks ago — and you are changing . Making healthier decisions, becoming a better role model for your loved ones, and feeling great about yourself all count as results. We call these non-scale victories and the key word is victories.
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