5 Tips To Avoid The “Holiday 15” and Earn The Body You Want

Dec 12th, 2018

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5 Tips To Avoid The “Holiday 15” and Earn The Body You Want

If you’re looking for the standard “eat clean, workout more, and have a gym buddy,” kind of Holiday advice… this won’t cover that. BUT IT’S A GREAT REMINDER.
I have one question for you that can get you better results this year:
Have you ever wondered why you’re getting the same result year after year when it comes to transforming your body?
**Drop your answer in the comment section below**
Don’t feel bad, 92% of people are wondering the same thing.
No worries, I’ve got you covered and will lay it all out your plan for success shortly.
Here’s what I’ve learned through coaching busy people around Body Transformations.
  1. Time is your most valuable entity.
  2. You aren’t perfect and there will be some days will be some days where you will feel like “F**K IT!”
  3. Extreme scheduling creates anxiety, which leads to you going through the motions, and not enjoying the process. Making this journey torturous.
I want you to have a different result this year and earn the body you desire.
Here are your Top 5 Transformation Habits **Holiday Edition*
  1. Design a “Goal Orientated” Done For You System:
A system is the best option for you right now. You’re already SUPER BUSY and make over 1,000 decisions a day. You need a proven done for you system, which will design your food, workouts, meditation, and other self care obligations. Otherwise you will get overwhelmed at work and we both know, your health will take a back-burner. You can google a workout and food plan at Bodybuilding.com or drop us a message here.
  1. Create a Momentum Calendar:
If you don’t feel like you’re seeing progression or any kind of results on a plan, why would you feel enthusiastic to continue? You want to eventually see your hard work pay off and the only way to physically see this is through several weeks of consistent action. Mark a “X” on your calendar every time you hit your goals for the day.
  1. Buy a clothes one size smaller to measure progress:
Nothing will fire you up more than feeling different and actually looking different, especially when you don’t feel like anything is changing- this is why the scale the King of deception. 6 weeks is the standard time our clients are expected to see results; and trying on smaller clothes gives you proof you’re on the right track.
  1. Accountability Coach:
We are in the age where you can google how to do anything you want; from blogs, YouTube lectures, books, you name it. All this abundant information does not mean transformation – otherwise the the world would be healthier and wealthier. High Accountability is the number 1 tool to ensure your vision comes through. Commit, invest, and follow through for yourself and a coach can make this happen.
  1. Environment:
Your surroundings shape your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your environment will trump your will power. This means when you feel that you have no more left to give, your tribe will push you to the top. These tribes can be found through mastermind, private inner-circles groups, networking meetings, or just a group of high performers you personally know.
These are the top 5 non-exercise routines and tips that will improve your health, so you can avoid the holiday rush in the gym. I would love to hear from you after implementing this or your general question about your transformation journey, click here.
In the meantime, remember, REAL CHANGE TAKES TIME.
No shortcuts.
Peace and Lasagna,

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