Motivation is Bull Sh*T: Drop The Motivation and GET DRIVEN….

Sep 23rd, 2018

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Motivation is Bull Sh*T: Drop The Motivation and GET DRIVEN….

I know Eric Thomas, Inky Johnson, and Les Brown will probably have some STRONG words for me after reading this, but motivation is like Santa Claus: imaginary.  Motivation does not propel you into action because of its concept. In fact, motivation leads to short periods of action.

I’ve heard Eric Thomas speak, who is the undisputed champion of motivational speaking. This guy is like the Anderson Silva or Jon Jones of his craft. If you’re unfamiliar with the Hip-Hop Preacher, he is definitely worth researching.

The problem with motivation: It has a short life-span.

Motivation activates my emotions (which come and go), when I’m feeling excited motivation gets more excited and when I’m feeling lethargic, well, it makes me feel more lethargic. When I turn off the motivational speeches, my motivation seemed to have stopped as soon as the speaker stopped talking.

My fundamental disagreement with motivation, if you feel need to have someone standing over you,  firing you up to take action on your goals, then, it’s a high chance you will not complete your task unless constantly supervised.

Motivation does not elicit consistent actions. Motivation elicits the feelings that can lean to actions- in the best case scenario, but mostly just a “feel good” experience that will get you through the low energy times. The problem arises when you  rely on motivation as the serum for your  fleeting attitudes and feelings about taking action toward your goals; when we should be relying on our  internal tools to propel ourselves forward  (which will dive into a little later).

A lack of motivation is not the reason you haven’t reached your physical and mental peak states. Revisit your mission and purpose , and if you don’t have one  yet, that’s totally OK ; take the time to find it through things your passions and hobbies.

Your mission, purpose, and self-worth should drive you to achieve optimal health for yourself.

Question to ponder: Do I have purposeful work? 

When I look at why Americans feel so unmotivated, it falls back to their life’s purpose.

It’s usually around feeling forced and tied down to a career that pays the bills, but not fulfilling. You can’t just quit-mainly because you’re vested in your career, have a pension, 401 k (all the good stuff), you can’t just resign. If you did..

Who will pay the bills?

Feed the kids ?

Take care of your expenses, etc.?

So, you’re feeling like this is “it,” and just play it cool for the next 20 years.

A study shows that 70% of Americans are feeling unfulfilled at work. If you’re feeling bored and unfulfilled at work ,  your health can be on the decline. So, copping techniques take place-usually at happy hour.

In some cases, your job can deteriorate your health and mind.

But you tell yourself: “ At Least I have a job, and I’m grateful.”

Hold on. Let me Take The Time to BE CLEAR

  • I’m not saying that you should get up and quit.
  • I’m not saying quitting  your job is the answer to all your solutions.
  • I’m not saying that if you quit your job, you will feel  super motivated.

My main my point:

If you find your job unfulfilling and it’s not in your life’s alignment, then yes, you will feel unmotivated.

Your  environment shapes you, your actions, and  self-worth. If you’re in a stressful environment; it’s toxic to your morals, and will affect your lifestyle. This is my guess on why 70% are unsatisfied and unhealthy.

Your Solution is to become DRIVEN. 

In order to feel driven, your daily work has to feel fulfilling.  When you achieve this, YOU BECOME DRIVEN.




Here is a story of 3 highly driven people from our friend, Eric Thomas.

Click here to see the whole speech 

( Eric Thomas tell great stories, and even though he is a motivational speaker, there is a unique alternate perspective to this story).


Let’s look at Eric Thomas’s most viral speech, “How Bad Do You Want to Be Successful?”

The most POWERFUL part of his story is The Guru’s interaction with a very ambitious young man who wanted to be successful.

The Guru told the boy to meet him on the beach the following day at 4:00 am and he will show him how to make money.

With a very disheveled facial expression and hesitant tone, the young man agreed to meet him at the beach.

Upon arriving at the beach, the Guru asked him “how bad do you want to be successful?”

The young man replied, “ I want to be successful.”

The Guru told him to come out into the water until he was at shoulder height.

The Guru grabbed the boy and buried his head under the water, only leaving his arms swinging  above the water.

Eric Thomas’s Detroit Tiger Hat and light green shirt seemed to supply him with endless energy through his speech, and his words made you feel like you were Submerged with the boy too.

As he pulled the boy out of the murky waters, he asked him one thing: “What did you want to do the most while you were under water?”

He answered: “I wanted to BREATHE! ”

The Guru told him, well, when you want to breathe as bad as you want to be successful, then you will be successful.

There are a lot of moving pieces here and valuable lessons. HELL YES, you were motivated, but how long will your motivation last after hearing this story?

Will you leave the room and execute your tasks for the next 3 months to move you closer to your goals?

It’s not shameful if you fall off the motivation train in under 1 min (that’s how long my motivation lasts for). The most motivated people quit at about 40 % off the way in, leaving 60% left.  Which suggest: motivation isn’t going to cut it. You need something with a longer lifespan.

Personally speaking, I quit on several things in my life and “motivation” never got me back on track or corrected that bad habit of quitting. Being Driven was my immediate course correction.

Throughout the speech, the crowd was immediately motivated, but the most DRIVEN people in this story were, Eric Thomas, The Guru, and the young man who was fighting for his life.

In this story, the boy became DRIVEN when he felt that extreme internal and external struggle in the water, he was physically submerged into hell.

When you’re in these Hell like conditions, all of your emotions leave and you are now left with your instincts. Just like the warrior on the battlefield: Fight or Flight. Emotions do not win fights, and motivation is emotional.

What will win your weight-loss battles, health battles or just any kind of obstacles is the Fight mechanism (which is already built inside you), and callusing your mind- which is a famous David Goggin’s expression- will get you through your obstacles.

The kid was drowning, and his body went into survival mode, and now he understands that through his life sufferings, he has that experience to dig into his cookie jar to dig deep and prevail in his most challenging situations.

No motivation will get you through bad times, being driven will. There is a reason people lose weight at highly motivating times, then gain it back when they feel bored.

There is nothing quick about a health journey. Current health journey’s emphasize speed and more speed, not patience; that is the key to permanent transformations.

If this article inspired you to START to start a driven path, share this article with a friend and COMMIT TO TAKING ONE ACTION TOWARD YOUR GOAL FOR THE NEXT 21 DAY.

If it’s raining, if you’re tired, regardless of how you feel, take action. Otherwise, nothing will change. Tag a friend and get yourself moving today.

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