The Story of The Black Mamba and Your Weight Loss Success

Sep 15th, 2018

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The Story of The Black Mamba and Your Weight Loss Success

Kobe Bryant is known for his “Mamba” mentality on the basketball court. When the Black Mamba reveals itself, there is a 98% chance that your team was going to lose. After listening to the Lewis Howes Podcast, featuring Kobe Bryant, there is a strong term he emphasized for universal success: hard work.

I was expecting the breakdown of the pristine triangle offense that Phil Jackson installed to win 11 rings, but the lesson was quite simple. In order to have your dreams come true, it will require hard work.

Kobe also shared that he wasn’t always this Basketball legend we see today, he had to work RELENTLESSLY- in order to earn his 5 Championship rings. During the podcast, Kobe gave us a visual of himself at 14 years old; A lanky player, with knee-pads on (experienced knee pain due to fast growth) and going scoreless in his entire summer league. At this point, Kobe realized if he wanted to change the narrative of his high school basketball career, he would have to strengthen his mind and spirit. This was the beginning of the Black Mamba.

Kobe worked, and he works hard. The future all-star practiced 2-3 hours a day, improving 1% each day at a different aspect of his game. He talked about “winning the long race,” Kobe knew he wouldn’t be able to catch these kids in a week, or a month, but he would catch them by practicing for 2-3 hours a day. The plan proved itself successful. Those morning and lunchtime workouts propelled Kobe Bryant to a top player in his state, at 16 years old.

This is so powerful for the average person; even though Kobe had the skills, he relied on what’s in his control:  hard work, max effort, his passion for the game, and his discipline.

After High School, he suited up to play for the notorious Los Angeles Lakers -you know, where people like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and James Worthy played-  for 20 seasons, he produced at the highest competitive level, in an even higher- stressful environment, at least for most people (especially game 7 against the Boston Celtics). The same successful blueprint worked for Kobe as a laker (who finished 3rd in scoring all-time, and 4th in postseason scoring): hard work.

Tim Grover mentioned Kobe’s work ethic, and said he would get to the arena at 4 am to meet him; Grover said Kobe was already in a full sweat, putting in the hard work (getting the edge on the entire NBA). The theme of Kobe’s interview was hard work, hard work, and hard work. You can have whatever you want in this life, but you have to earn it. The Mamba earned it by practicing more, getting the reps in on the court for in game situations, and hard work. He was in his alter ego, THE BLACK MAMBA.

Now I ask YOU: Who is your alter ego to create the weight-loss goals you need to achieve?

Alter Egos allow you to create another person that will CRUSH your goals and be who you want to be in order to get the results you need. Your alter ego will do the things your current self would not do, this person would be disciplined, highly focused, goal oriented, follow through, work relentlessly, create time, and move on from failure to failure, unbothered.

If you want to lose those 20 lbs, but don’t have the time to do so, you’re going to have to sleep faster and wake-earlier to get it completed.

Kobe Bryant created the Black Mamba, a lethal assassin on the court, who loved to win. It’s a mentality shift to get you out of your head and into action.  If Kobe Bryant, one of the most impactful and wealthiest individuals on the planet STILL wakes up at 4:00 am (with a family and business), it speaks mountains to the power of waking up early.

As you create your alter ego, I want to give you three tips that you can use as soon as you finish reading this article to start losing your weight. (before we even work together).

Step 1: Stop hitting the SNOOZE button. 

Hitting the snooze button is a psychological mind trap that many people fall victim to (I use to as well). You are telling your mind and body that your goals are not compelling enough to get up and dominate, but sleeping an extra 20 minutes is a higher priority. Get up and dominate your morning before the chaos ensues (from personal chaos to work chaos). This is how you increase order in chaotic times.

Step 2: Pick one day to schedule your high-priority tasks. 

Take your 7-day calendar out and look at which mornings or nights (personally don’t recommend nights) to have your most productive uninterrupted times. You need 60-90 minutes a day. These are high priority tasks that will move your business and health forward. If making impact and income is one of your TOP goals, you HAVE TO Take part in this, otherwise, your product and services will not have the competitive edge because you’re neglecting your health.

Step 3:  Have Tangible Results

Getting results is what personally drives me. These not only increase my momentum but make me feel purposeful. Your tangible results need to have deadlines and a plan of action which are specific to those goals.

For example, if you’re looking to lose 40 lbs in the next year, first have the deadline (at least 10 months) with your plan of action. And repeat Kobe’s blueprint: hard work, and you will achieve it.

The tangible evidence would be to fit in smaller jeans, dresses, or suits (also the scale dropping down).

We all have the tools to achieve the goals we desire, but we have to put in the hardwork to make them reality. This concept is simple, but it’s hard to complete consistently. Your vision has to compel you not to hit the snooze button, schedule your time, and execute. There will be failures, that’s a guarantee, but I need you to move past those failures and become relentless in your pursuit of a better lifestyle. As Floyd Mayweather says during his 4:00 am runs, “HARD WORK……. DEDICATION.”

The first step is always the hardest, so take that step today! Our company, Authentically Well shows the busy person how to lose 10-15 lbs, shape their bodies in half the time and half the cost as in-person training.

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Talk soon.


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