3 Steps On How To Enjoy Your Cheat Meals-Guilt Free.

Aug 12th, 2018

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3 Steps On How To Enjoy Your Cheat Meals-Guilt Free.

Cheating gets a bad rep in Health and Fitness; I assume because it’s immoral, deceptive, and just rude. I’m talking about cheating on your diet, any other forms of cheating, well, I can’t help you there. However, the food understands you need options; they get it.
Enjoying a great Cheat MEAL is awesome, and will not impede your results. Fair warning: self-control is required, otherwise you will end up spiraling down the rabbit hole of regression, like the Mets every September. It’s about habits and moderation, I am not undermining the nutritional aspect of transformation and having a healthy lifestyle, but I know that you want to have fun in this life-long process.
Wouldn’t you love to earn a cheat meal, especially during Girl’s Night out or while watching the Giants game with your boys? Well, you can.
Here are 3 tips to discreetly cheat on your diet:
Step 1: Eat more Fiber and Lower Carb Dinners
Fiber allows you to feel fuller for long, which controls your portion sizes and prevents overeacting (which will lead to weight gain).
Also, when you “poop” more, you will be lighter and not weight down the scale. I know, I said “poop.”
Here is a great fiber resource → Fiber List
As far as dinner is concerned: Well, it is the celebratory time of the day; where you made it through a character building day (paraphrased from Les Brown) and you want to enjoy yourself with the little time you have before your return to work . So the “feel good meals” and drinks are coming, and after you indulge, you realize: “Oh, I went overboard.” Let’s fix that.
A great technique to beat the “celebratory eating” at dinner is to have pasta substitutes such as cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash, with lean protein and 1 glass of wine.
Here are great options for carb substitutes→ Carb Substitutes
To address the therapeutic aspect of food: pick up a quick hobby which excites you and will emotionally stimulate you as close as food would.
Hobbies such as writing a poem, talking to a friend or watching a quick series on Netflix tends to do the job. The goal is to stimulate your mind enough to take your thoughts and actions off second servings of food.
Step 2: Move or exercise for 100 Minutes Weekly
Sometimes I say obvious things, but in order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat. Longer workouts do not mean faster weight loss; that’s a myth. Take a look at this article which explains it also: How Long Should I Work out to Lose Weight.
Not only are you over-training your muscles, but you are running yourself into the ground. If you’re short on time, here is an effective strategy to get the most out of your workout: pick one physical activity which will bring you joy and excitement and complete it 3-4 times a week for a total of 100 minutes.
Rewards make stuff fun, otherwise, it will turn into that agonizing “diet” or 2-hour workout class which you’re doing because everyone seems to lose 9 lbs in the first week; but if it’s not what you enjoy, you’re not going to comply.
Make a sustainable exercise schedule for yourself, and continue to test it until you find something that works for you.
Example: After you have completed 90% of your goals (100% may not always work because life happens) for 21 days, reward yourself with a small cheat meal or an outing that’s enjoyable.
We found that very successful with our client Akisha, who works over 50 hours a week, and sees her clothes fit better, feeling more energetic, and keeping her weight maintained (after losing 40 lbs). We encourage her to enjoy her scheduled vacations with girls’ night outs-guilt free. Rewards make this lifestyle habit permanent.
Personally, Lasagna is my go to reward.
Losing weight, getting healthier, and feeling better is rewarding- and emotionally challenging at times, but when you make your lifestyle work for you, that’s when things change for you.
Here are your top 3 Takeaways:
  1. Add fiber to your diet, and carb substitutes to your dinner
  2. Find a fun activity that you can complete for 100 minutes a week
  3. Reward yourself after 21 consecutive days of achieving your goals
I hope this article was useful for you and if any of these was an “Ah-ha” moment, please comment below and tag a friend who will benefit from these tips.
Oh, yea…
One more thing:
If you’re looking for a weight loss program that will fit your lifestyle, improve your health, and not involve long cardio with bland bland chicken, reach out to me through direct messenger. I know guy.
I’m referring to myself.
Peace and Lasagna.
-Coach Has

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