Why Women Need Strength Training For A “Toned” Midsection

Jul 5th, 2018

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Why Women Need Strength Training For A “Toned” Midsection

Dumbbells receive a negative representation in Women’s Fitness Communities. One could guess, that weights will give you the “bulky” look and not lean muscle. Conversely, studies show weight training will not only tone your body, but improve your overall health. We have found that weight training not only is the best way to drop unwanted pounds, but also cuts your gym time or workout time down as well.

Weight training is the most direct way to achieve  your toned body, especially midsection. The scientific explanation of how this works a concept referred to a after burn (achieved by weight training). It is a fancy word for “burning calories” when you are not working out.

This process put your body in high-fat burning gear, and with proper nutrition your tone midsection will appear ( in about over a period of 6-12 months).

As a working women, time is a  valuable commodity, so let’s make the best use of it. Try this proven exercise that our clients’ have been using to see a toned midsection.

Here is a sample exercise that will shed unwanted weight and give you the toned midsection you desire:

What are your thoughts about this exercise? Let us know in the comment section.

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