Vince Lombardi Secret to Success and How It Will Motivate You Now

Jul 1st, 2018

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Vince Lombardi Secret to Success and How It Will Motivate You Now

When Vince Lombardi originally said this, I can imagine him speaking to his team with a facial expression with focus and intensity.

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” -Vince Lombardi

Reading this quote serves as a constant reminder successful people did not achieve their goals coincidentally. If you reach the top, it was not by accident and  Vince Lombardi earned his way to the top of the mountain, with his team.

Now applying this quote to your  fitness goals and success; ask yourself these two questions: “what is the top of the mountain for me ?” and “why is it important I get  there?”

Vince Lombardi had success, focus, and motivation within his brand of coaching and it manifested with several championships. Coach Lombardi sheds light on how you can stay motivated throughout your fitness journey with the mountaintop analogy.

Achieving your end goals (or reaching your mountain top) requires you to take daily action. Every day will not feel like San Diego (sunshine internally and externally), rather, taking actions when you are feeling tired and unenthusiastic is the secret to your success.

You have to punch in the clock and work on your dreams, regardless of how you feel or what others are telling you. Similar to the Football Championship, teams must practice every day, that is non-negotiable. I wish it was as easy as, set a goal, have no setbacks and achieve it at the end. To climb to your mountaintop, you will have to weather the storm.

Keeping the hiking analogy; as you are embarking on your hiking path, the journey is the most beautiful part of it. You’ll  feel your boots crushing  small rocks underneath your feet (those represent your considerations), kicking dirt out of your path (those represent your distractions), loud  noises (those represent others opinions), feeling fatigued from  carrying your backpack (that represents past failures you have not let go), you have to remain focused and appreciate every step-by-step your taking to get to the end goal.

Enjoy the journey as you reach your goals. The key: Perseverance.

So keep hiking and don’t stop until you reach the top!

If you need help staying motivated in this journey, reach out to me here.

Thank you for reading this and if this inspired you to get your hiking boots on and keep and get hiking, please share it with one friend who needs motivation.

Look forward to your success,

-Coach Has

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