How to Find Daily Motivation to Achieve Your Summer Body

Jun 25th, 2018

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How to Find Daily Motivation to Achieve Your Summer Body

As the summer season is upon us, getting “shredded” or “toned-up” trumps everything-fitness goals related, at least. Today we will be giving two tips on how to stay motivated all summer, so your most desired look will be attained.

The two tips for motivation: Simplify your actions and Get Going. 

As the great Albert Einstein said “ A ship is always safest at shore, but that is not what its built for.” In order to feel motivated, completing small tasks that get you closer to your vision will create momentum and encourage you to reach your goal through these small victories. If you have your action plan drawn out, but are not taking massive action, a possibility is you’re overwhelmed- don’t worry it gets the best of us, let’s change that NOW.

Simplify your tasks, to avoid the overwhelming feeling and frustrations of not completing . There is no better time than to start NOW. Be resourceful, and create the time to get going today; there will never be the perfect time to start your fitness journey.

I can relate to waiting for the perfect time- the fear of looking bad use to keep me getting started. Waiting for the perfect time will result in one thing: Analysis by paralysis. What that resembles for me is gathering tons of information from YouTube, random blogs, random Facebook Videos and then write that information down with no application. Rinse and repeat.

As a former information collector, getting the information will never be the problem; actually taking action was my problem. So, if you’re struggling with taking action, here’s what you’re going to change this narrative.

  1. Find your one reliable source of fitness information.
  2. Perform 2 daily actions that will move you closer to your goals.
  3. Find an accountability partner.
  4. Reward yourself when goals are met.

Grab a pen a paper, write down your goal and how you can simplify daily action steps to achieve those goals. Information will not get your desired body or lifestyle, but small bite size actions will. After reading this, take action.

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P.S-If you’re looking for an individual plan to keep you accountable and create structure for you, reach out to me here.

Look forward to YOUR success.

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-Coach Has

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