The Rise of the Machines: The Drawbacks? The Benefits?

Jun 23rd, 2018

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The Rise of the Machines: The Drawbacks? The Benefits?

Terminator foreshadowed the benefits of human and machine interactions on the big screen, but who would have thought machines would get you in insanely great shape? Sorry Arnold, these machines are proving to be beneficial and are rising internationally.
In order to be a part of the machine species, the object will have a pulley system (which allows the human to push or pull), holds you in a fixed position (usually sitting upright, or lying down), and have an adjustable weight system. Machine examples: The Seated Row, Leg press, Hamstring Curl, Seated Bench Press; these machines have fantastic benefits for humans.
These machines can crush your unwanted belly fat, tone your entire body, develop your six-pack, prevent and recover from injuries, and increase your overall strength. To program these machines for your benefit, there are a few things you need to complete:
  • Read the instructional diagram and adjust the machine to your body’s dimensions.
  • Adjust the weight to a challenging resistant level.
  • Give maximal effort, in a slow controlled lifting tempo.
These machines are rising due to their ability to challenge you in a safe environment. As a result, your body and mind will level-up. After earning these results, these machines still benefit the human species.
Machines are best used in these scenarios: Post-injury, 1st day in the gym, and at the conclusion of workouts, which is referred to as the burnout stage. As you work-out over the years, the injury bug will introduce itself to you; it’s just part of the game. At this point, form and precision are your top priorities (not only to avoid injury again but to ensure proper rehabilitation). A machine such as a Hamstring Curl- after back or knee injuries- works perfectly to rebuild the muscle that supports your core in a safe manner. Injuries happen in all stages of a fitness journey, but beginners have to focus on form to avoid injuries and sustainability.
If you are just starting weight training, then it is intimidating. The machines are guest friendly, and take the intimidation out of the “approach” to the weights. As a beginner, education and practice are the key ingredients to achieving meaningful body change.
Focusing on mind-muscle connection your key to building your masterpiece. These results will lead you to challenge yourself further, and now you can enter the burnout phase.
The burnout phase is bittersweet; you are pushing to fatigue, but due to exhaustion, your form becomes compromised, which leads may lead to injuries. By completing burnouts on machines, your form is retained, and you can burnout while the machine chaperones a safe environment for you. The only drawback of the machines: they do not speak; so, no coaching.
Coaching is the game changer with in-person training and group training; due to the environment and knowledge of the person leading the session every client is getting the most out of the session and safely accounted for.
If you need a plan designed just for you in the gym and at the table, reach out to me here.
Talk soon.
-Coach Has

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