How You Can Use a “Body-Weight Saw” to Tone Your Midsection

Jun 23rd, 2018

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How You Can Use a “Body-Weight Saw” to Tone Your Midsection

Let’s be transparent: having a toned midsection is great, NO, it’s awesome! Yes, there are a plethora of long-term health benefits when you tone your midsection (mainly organ health), but the biggest fallacy about obtaining a toned midsection is the time it takes to do so.
You’re busy with work, personal matters, 100 things outside of work that need your time and energy, as well, I get it. And when you do have the energy to workout it’s absorbed from stress, errands, and other miscellaneous events.
So, what exercise can you do for 10 minutes a day to get a toned midsection?

When performing the Body Weight Saws , here are my top results-based tips: 1. Keep your shoulders down and your stomach tensed (known as bracing). 2. Keep your hips flat, and do not let them drop or rise to high. 3. Slowly rock your body in a “sawing” motion, with very small movements. Breathing throughout the whole exercise.

Complete this exercise for 3 rounds and a total of one minute per round (for more advanced clients, perform exercise for 2 minutes). The goal for you is to get you AND keep you moving, taking small actions toward your goals, and achieve realistic results.
Our most successful clients used this exercise to tone their midsections and did so while working full-time and taking care of their loved ones, so time was scarce. Try this exercise for 2 weeks and follow a proper nutrition plan to see your ideal results. If you need help designing a nutrition or workout plan, reach out to me here.
-Coach Has

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