How to Build a “Herculean” Back with Dumbbell Rows

Jun 23rd, 2018

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How to Build a “Herculean” Back with Dumbbell Rows

When you’re looking to build a “Herculean” back, it’s best to keep your exercises simple and your techniques precise; also keep in mind: nutrition is a vital component to looking better and feeling better as well.

Training your back effectively, not only projects a “V-taper” look with a slimmer midsection, but also dominates your stubborn belly fat, and sculpts your arms in a time-efficient manner.

Here are my top 4 tips to building a Herculean back:

Tip 1: “Hook it Up.”

Imagine your hands being a “meat hook.” Your arms are just “hooking” the Dumbbells, not squeezing the Dumbbells. If you’re feeling this exercise more in your forearms than in your middle back, you need to adjust the weight amount. This gives your forearms a break and has your back clock-in.

Tips 2: Pull with your elbows

In order to build your “Herculean” back and ensure excellent long-term health for yourself; you have to pull with your elbows and squeeze at the top of the movement (or concentric), which gives you sniper-like precision on your back muscles. If you have to lighten up the weight (not only to protect yourself from injury) to improve your mind-muscle-connection, then you have the right idea.


Starting with a narrower grip, allows you to target your middle back muscles (mid traps, rhomboids, etc.) more precisely. When you widen your grip, you’re putting the emphasis on your lats. This gives your back the width and sculpts your biceps.

Tip 4: Add “High Volume” days and “Low Volume” days for strength and definition.

If you’re looking to improve strength, then, “low volume” reps work have been are the best option for this- and our online clients are seeing great results. Low Volume reps are between 1 and 5 reps with heavy weight. (Of course, this depends on individual fitness levels and strength).

To experience the hypertrophy or “chiseled” look, then your focus will be on volume. More reps, more reps, and more reps (of course with proper form) will get you more definition, for sure. Usually, between 12 to 15 reps are the recommended rep range for this goal (depending on your current strength levels).

So, find your favorite back exercises now and apply these tips, and earn your results.

Here are some of my favorite back exercises:

  • Dumbbell/ Kettlebell/Barbell Row
  • Barbell Deadlift
  • Pull-Ups
  • Seated Cable Row
  • One arm Kettlebell/Dumbbell Row
  • Lat Pull Downs

These 4 tips will escort you to your goals TODAY. This information will save you time, energy, and frustration, but you have to choose to do the work and commit to your process. You will get better with time and practice, so be patient with yourself.

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