Should I workout more for faster results

Apr 18th, 2018

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Should I workout more for faster results

Generally speaking, when you want to lose weight, the best and ideal course of action would be to move more frequently. You’re following this approach and seeing results, but you want faster results because it’s been a few weeks and you have goals to accomplish; so, you think if you work out 2-3 times a day, you will get faster results, right? Yes, you have the right idea; but, no, you have the wrong approach.

Yes, if you want to lose weight, you have to exercise, and as a byproduct, you will see your results and body change. This approach does not amplify the bigger ingredient: lifestyle habits. Adopting the 15 times a week routine or “Crash-Bandicoot” approach (because you eventually will crash) eliminates the part where you develop your individual habits that will maintain your results. If you don’t develop proper habits and patience, you will always find yourself looking for a “quick fix” at this time of year. But, I understand why you think working-out more would give you quicker results.

In my opinion, the reason people adopt this approach of working out several times a day to get quicker results is because they resort back to a per-diem position they had in the past or are currently in, where more is better. As you know the more you work in this situation, the more money you get (so exchanging more time would equal more money). Now let’s flip this into the exercise world: The more you work-out (your job), the more results you will experience (your pay). So, I actually understand the logic but this leads you into falling into weight loss trap most people never cycle out of. When you work out, change actually happens when you’re outside of the gym. So, RECOVERY is the main key here as well, let your muscles repair so you can look awesome and not crash throughout the process. Apply this concept and you will avoid all the common weight loss traps.

The first part of this trap is to understand the results you’re currently getting. For example, if you just started a program and you lost 8lbs in one week, you will not maintain this pace of “weight” loss every week.  Most of your weight loss will be water weight at this point, so be careful of putting so much faith in your scale (as we all have been taught from an early age). If you lose 10lbs in a month off an extreme workout or diet routine (the average weekly weight loss is 1lb), you will certainly switch your thinking from “slow and steady” to “fast and faster” approach. Initially working out several times a day for the first few weeks will show you a lighter scale, but after the 5th week, it tends to level off and might increase in numbers. This does not mean your gaining “fat”, your body is not the same entity it was a few weeks ago, especially if you have been strength training. This means you lost inches (real progress) and are starting to develop muscle tissue- that’s a gain.

Solution: Your 1 month of results should be focused on energy level, self-awareness, strength, and endurance gains.

The second part of this trap is CRASHING after trying this approach (and I see it weekly) and completely stop working out as a result. Think about it for a second: When you worked 60-70 hours a week or did something super strenuous for an extended amount of time, what eventually happened? You fatigued, and then you crashed. In the workout world, a crash is a person who is beyond motivated for the first month and works out 2-3 workouts a day for 6 weeks and then completely stops working out for several months. This is an example of overtraining and not pacing yourself mentally and physically.

The problem is your body is made up of tissue, which break down (especially as its ages). So, if you’re working-out several times a week, you are literally breaking your body from the stressor of working out. Also, if you combine a bad diet, lack of sleep, and just stressors of life, that my friend, is the to hurt yourself and be forced to sit out.

Solution for you: Your results will come, you have to practice patience and I know it’s hard because you want it now. Meaningful results take about 6 months (especially if it took a year to gain the weight) to be seen and years to maintain (see my featured blog about results for more information). Keyword: MAINTAIN. The people who have been in shape for 50 years understand balance, pace, and building momentum with small victories. Think about it like this: If you work out 2 times a week for 40 weeks, that’s 320 workouts for the YEAR!

Think BIG PICTURE! You’re thinking small if you want to microwave your results in a month. Plan better, move responsibly-BUT URGENTLY toward your goals.

Goals are a great way to measure your success but remember to enjoy the process of your goals and the person you’re becoming throughout the journey. Focus on little victories and build momentum off these wins.

Building momentum with little wins does a few things: builds confidence; long-term results; improves quality of life.

In closing, you can have the goals you need or become the long tenure worker or business for generations, or on the flipside: you can be the employee of the month one time or have a business that does well for 3 months and then fails. The ball is in your court, pick the right approach.

Authentically yours,

Coach Has

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