Cardio or weight training for faster results?

Apr 18th, 2018

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Cardio or weight training for faster results?

The treadmill has been the number one thing for weight loss in clients lives since it was invented. But, it had a great run and gave you the best results it could at the time, now let’s get rid of those running shoes and pick up your lifting shoes.

Weight lifting will allow you to feel stronger, build confidence, and literally transform your body through the resistance. If you compare a person who lifts any kind of weights (kettlebell, body-weight, dumbbells, etc) to a person who runs for their workouts, the results will be stunning.

But if cardio is your thing, try this new form of cardio.

Rope Slams here

Cardio Rows 

If you’re open to weight lifting and building lean muscle, keep reading.

The benefit of having lean muscle is shorter workouts, better sex, more confidence, and long term results.

How? A simple technique called After burn.

Means you’re burning calories when you’re not working out. Muscle is your key to permanent results.

Here are some exercises that will build lean muscle and SMOKE BODY FAT.


TRX Rows

Bulgarian Squat 


Weightlifting will not only take your body and your mind from stronger to strongest, but it will also fight off possible diseases, such as heart diseases, osteoporosis, and cancers (due to obesity).

You need both to lose weight and build muscle. Fitness has changed and these are the  top secrets of the most fit individuals  we’ve discussed. This is time and budget friendly.

Do you need designing a weight loss and muscle toning program? I can do that for you.

Reach out to me here.

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