How the Dating Game Can Improve Your Fitness Results

Feb 27th, 2018

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How the Dating Game Can Improve Your Fitness Results

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One of the greatest things about coaching and writing is cross-referencing my life experiences and using other aspects of life metaphorically to help your mindset toward results. So, I was wondering, how would I be able to explain the power of consistency and urgency to my clients? Then, it finally hit me! The courtship of women and getting results! Life is about relationships; today we will focus primarily on romantic relationships.

The magic question:

What lessons can I take from the dating game that I can apply to getting in shape? 

Well, results are the name of the game and the process to get results in the dating game (as well as in the fitness game) have very similar parallels. Let’s break it down, starting with the dating game.

Imagine you saw a young woman that catches your attention at a bar, and you want to inquire about her with the intention of taking her out. Your next few steps are crucial to your success. Here are some lessons that I learned in the dating game:

1. Move with urgency. If you move with urgency, you will know that life is now and tomorrow may not come. Urgency to means go after what you want and moving in a clear manner.

2. Consistency. The key to results in life is to be consistent, relentlessly consistent. If you’re able to get her number, next consistently contact her, continue to court her, and show up to be taken seriously.

3. “Spice things up.” Means in order keep the relationship “lively” and “exciting,” taking her out to the same places will not have the same effects as it once did, also will turn strictly into boredom.

The dating game (which I’m still improving on) principles continue to show me how we can take these principles over to us being the pain-free grandparents or dropping down sizes in our clothes in our fitness journey.

Let’s talk about how you can get these gains from courtship. 

I want you to think about courting your personal success and results like they were a love interest(s) of yours. To get the best results, you need to move urgently.

Mel Robbins wrote a book and completed a TED talk about the 5 Seconds Rule, which says the second you make a decision about a particular subject, you have exactly 5 seconds to act on it. If you fail to act on this subject matter, there becomes a high chance you will not complete the task and will procrastinate. So, when you sit-down during your most motivational time of the day, take immediate and urgent actions toward your goals. No urgency ultimately equals no results.

After you’ve urgently made an action game plan for your success, now we have to apply consistency. This is the most important factor, and consistency happens when you develop powerful habits. Very small consistent habits over long-term periods of time is a great way to experience meaningful change.

Now you ask, “How do I develop consistent habits?”

The fastest way to develop consistent habits is to do complete one task for 30 consecutive days.

Finally, we have arrived at the last principle- “Spice it up.” For the beginners, when you start working out initially, the gains will come quickly and seems to condition clients’ minds that it will always be like this. Understand that when you first start a program, your results will happen quickly, but to maintain these long-term results, you will need variety.

Hence the “spice it up” reference. Simply, your body hits a plateau and becomes “bored,” so the results will also stop. When you “spice things up,” your body is shocked and needs that change in order to see progression in your plans.

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