Client 08
How a Busy Mother Overcame a Shoulder Issue To Lose 13 lbs and Runs Her Fastest Miles!!
When Alta and I first met, she was determined on losing weight and fitting in her skinny jeans.
Alta first came to me struggling with eating for her workouts and runs, and wanted to feel great in her clothes.
❌ She was eating less and hoping to lose weight.
❌ She was working out longer and hoping to get toner arms.
After not seeing the results she wanted, we messaged and we decided to work together.
So, we immediately focused on;
✅ Eating more carbs, so she can run faster and lift more weights.
✅ Provided 30 minute workouts to strengthen her shoulder and build toned legs.
✅ Developed an accountability program to ensure she shows up for herself.
Over time, Alta has dropped 13 lbs, 3% body fat, and feeling like her old self again.
let’s give some encouragement to Alta for her hard work.
P.S- if you’re looking to lose up to 10-15 lbs and get healthier, shoot me a I’m ASAP.