Client 01
How a Busy Mother CRUSHED 75 Workouts during COVID, dropped 15 lbs (and kept it off), and is back to loving her body again.
Steph is a mother of 2, located in Raleigh, NC and has been a pleasure to work with. I will say, Steph’s  effort EFFORT is second to none, she has a high standard for herself, and knows she can get her version of J-LO body as long as she works for it.
Before Steph and I started working together, she wanted to drop the baby weight and was struggling with motivation, consistency, and just wanted to get healthier for her kids.
She was focusing on:
❌ Crash dieting for fast weight-loss
❌ Doing tons of cardio hoping to lose weight
❌ Trying several workouts for “muscle confusion”
She initially lost 50 lbs on her own and saw some success, but did life happened and she regain the weight and WANTED PERMANENT change.
Since most moms are now in the full swing of things with kids, it’s important, Steph gets her time in.
So we FOCUSED on changing her habits and mindsets.
✅ Focusing on her consistency and making it enjoyable.
✅ Building a customized plan for her to complete before the kids called her
✅ Focusing on her recovery and stress management and weight loss.
As a result, Steph is building habits that are not only dropping her weight,but building tone muscle, and feeling more confident FOREVER is what she’s most happy about.
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