How to Supercharge Your New Year’s Resolutions in 4 Steps With Hasagna

Jan 12th, 2021

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How to Supercharge Your New Year’s Resolutions in 4 Steps With Hasagna

By: Hasan Adkins, Nationally Certified Fitness Coach and Weight-Loss Expert

Who is Hasan Adkins and Why Care?

I’m sure you’re reading this and wondering, “who the  hell is Hasan Adkins, how can he help me, and why should I care?”

And of course: “what makes him any different than the other 1000000000000 Fitness Coaches out there?” 

Those are all valuable questions, and hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll have your answers. 

But, quickly, as to who I am and how I can help: 

  • My name is Hasan
  •  I’m a twin, dog dad, and Lasagna Lover.
  •  I have personally coached over 500 people (under OrangeTheory Fitness, Fit body Bootcamp, and with my own brand-#Hasagna) in the last 5 years.
  • I am an internationally Published  Fitness Author 
  • Obtained 3 National Personal Training Certifications 
  • Completed a 1 Year Mentorship with  New York Times Best Seller

My coaching specializes in showing people over the age of 30, how to annihilate their weight loss goals while enjoying carbs.

Find more at 


Wrap-up of 2020, 3 Flagrant Fouls, 3 Steps to Super Charge Resolutions, and 1 Question For Change.


Now, that’s out of the way, let’s dive in. 

We can all agree, 2020 was a hell of a year. 

From the country being shut down like the New Jet’s Offense, election recounts, and Julian Micheal’s “unique” fitness advice; it’s been a year for the books. 

Either way, you need life-changing results in 2021, right?

Me too. 

And since most people’s New Year’s resolutions aren’t achieved, let’s talk about why.

I am borrowing a term from the sports world: flagrant fouls, to bring home the point. 

These small mistakes or “flagrant fouls” cost 87% of people their New Year’s resolution. 


3 Flagrant Fouls in Goal Setting.

Flagrant #1: Trying to achieve too many goals at one time.


For Example: “I want to lose 20 lbs, feel healthier, get stronger, look more toned, have a butt like Meg the Stallion, see the Jets draft Trevor Lawrence, Re-watch Harry Potter, and fit in my favorite dress. 

Maybe you’ve had more ambitious goals or maybe not- but I have found most New Year’s resolutions produce more stress and anxiety, than excitement and enthusiasm. 

Mainly due to their complexity and seeking to achieve too many outcomes at once. 

Later on, I’ll break down how to set simpler goals for success. 


Flagrant #2: Lacking a Clear  Plan of Action. 


For example, I want to work out more and eat healthier to lose weight. 

The problem within this statement: it lacks structure, organization, and will create chaos. 

When chaos is on the scene, stress and anxiety will soon be knocking on the door. 

Which we can both agree is a  taxing combination when looking to change. 

We will solve that later as well. 


Flagrant #3: Lack of Accountability. 


I’ve noticed in order to help my clients lose 15 lbs, you will need someone to “report to” for best results, otherwise, you’ll drop your New Year’s Resolution before Martin Luther King’s Day. 

And just so you know, it’s 100 percent normal to feel extremely motivated one day, and lazy as hell the next week.

I scrapped the idea of feeling 100 percent productive and motivated every day, quicker than Tamar’s career on The Real

Let’s take a pause for a minute. Let’s consider this halftime. 

Ask yourself: “Can I identify with any of these questions and what were my results if I did commit any of these flagrant; OR is this dude drunk? 

You decide. 

But if I’m sober and you find truth in what I’m saying -and you’re ready to supercharge your results, then….

Keep reading for keys to your success. 




Step 1: Have a Crystal Clear Goal of what you NEED to achieve. 

Fitness does not reward multitasking when achieving results.  

Fitness rewards extreme focus on one major goal for several weeks. 

Once your goal is completed, you matriculate to the next goal.

In order to make your goal a reality, I would suggest focusing on one goal you want to achieve.  

Here are sample action steps you can take now: 

  •  Write a crystal clear goal on an index card and post it on your bathroom mirror or  wallet or  office wall- to serve as a reminder
  • Then write down what steps you need to focus on to complete this goal. 

Here’s an example of a crystal clear goal: 

“I want to lose 15 lbs by April 1st.” 

Here’s a client interview from Alta, a working full-time mother, who came back from shoulder surgery to lose 15 lbs in 12 weeks *during lockdown* by focusing on 1 goal. 

Alta’s Testimonial here 

Reminder: Now, get your index card and make your goal. 

Feel Free to email me here for feedback.


Step 2: Create a Clear Plan of action

Most plans lack clarity and a clear plan of action, Psychologists say 80% of plans fall under this category. 

Source: Psychology Today 

Here are my 3 C’s when creating a plan of action. 

  •  Clear
  •  Concise
  •  Consistent

A nebulous plan creates frustrations and leaves you wondering, “am I doing enough to get these results?” 

I would suggest concentrating on the  20% of actions that will earn you 80%  results. 

In other words, seek clarity within your plan of action.  (Read more about the Pareto principle here)

An example of a clear plan of action for weight loss would resemble:

“I will eat 1 salad before meals, complete 3 workouts a week, and record what I eat daily.” 

It’s beneficial to illustrate a clear workout plan for you as well. 

Here’s a clear workout plan for you: 


  • Elliptical for 10 minutes or 1 mile. Adjust the settings to your preference. 
  • Body Weight Squats for 10 reps. Complete 3 sets for 10 reps, and rest 15 seconds between each set.
  • Seated Rows for 10 reps. Complete 3 sets for 12 reps, and rest for 15 seconds between each set. (Use half of your bodyweight to start)
  • Push-ups. Complete 3 sets for 10 reps, and rest for 15 seconds between each set.

You will complete this 3 days a week, for the next month. 

Make a clear plan of action and execute. 

Keep it Clear, Concise, and Consistent for 6 weeks for best results. 


Step 3: Reduce STRESS to improve Mental Clarity and Health. 

Reducing stress is a key strategy supercharging your result. 

When your stressors go unregulated for elongated periods of time, it produces a hormone called cortisol, which is your body’s natural response to stress. 

The problem ripens, when you’re under too much stress, frequently.

As a result, the stress spikes up your weight or sits on your waistline. 

The reason I’m a  hard-core believer of meditation: because this practice granted me equanimity during the COVID pandemic. 

I live in New York, and the start of the pandemic seemed like some shit you’d only see in Resident Evil– well, excluding the Zombie take over. 

There was a shortage of toilet paper, people fighting over canned foods, and mass hysteria on every corner; this led me to look for “calmness” in all the wrong places. 

Places such as Moscato bottles, Beer kegs,  Chipotle burritos, and Snickers ice cream bars.

Oh, and can’t forget- binge-watching the Ozarks on Netflix.

Yea, well that “Einstein-like” idea led me to gain 15 lbs, feeling extremely exhausted after chasing a 7-year-old during  Minecraft games, and feeling uncomfortable when viewing myself shirtless.

Thankfully, I was able to regroup, by returning to the basics (which I preach), and returned back to my pre-quarantine look.  

I would credit meditation as one of the major forces to aid me in torching the #quarantine15. 

If you’re down to START to lose the #quarantine15; then implement the steps below. 

  • Download a mediation app, such as Headspace or Calm. 
  • Complete a daily meditation of at least 5 minutes 
  • Complete for at least 30 consecutive days to feel a difference. 

Meditation calms your mind and manages your stress levels, so you can think clearer- which is key in reducing stress. 


Step 4: Pick up a Hobby. 

 Hobbies can recharge you, and prevent you from quitting. 

Life is short, and you fail to realize its duration until the fat lady sings.

And not to get all Aristotle on you, but it’s true. 

COVID illustrates how delicate life is, and how being present is the most potent ingredient for creating a fulfilling life. 

Hobbies  bring out your inner happiness,  and won’t reduce your life to just “working and paying bills.” Obviously, making a living is important AND work can be fun, but it can be time-consuming.

Most people take work home on the weekends and vacations; never get a chance to unplug. 

Their minds are on constant “go” and “work.” 

I think you can agree, there is more to life than just work. 

Even Gary Vee takes time-off. 

The only requirement is to make sure it’s a hobby you love. 

My personal favorites are watching and practicing Mixed Martial Arts, eating Lasagna, and watching Denzel Washington’s movies. 

This avoids the common “burn-out” with work, and making you feel like this is an achievable lifestyle goal, without feeling tortured in your journey. 

Action step: Make a list of activities you can look forward to doing and a list of friends you can complete them with. 


1 question for Change:


Is this goal a NEED or a WANT? 


Ask yourself that, and let me know what your answer becomes.


If this helped you, share with a friend, and drop a comment below. 

Happy New Year, 




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