Here are 3 Things #Hasagna Plan focuses on to GET RESULTS.

Sep 19th, 2020

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Here are 3 Things #Hasagna Plan focuses on to GET RESULTS.

“I just need someone there to work out with me to get results, Has. I like the interaction” **WARNING, if you’re closed-minded, this will trigger you** :)⠀
Today, I want to shed some light on my online coaching services and how I’m coaching a group of 15 women on how to feel great in their skinny jeans 🙂
I, 100% agree with you; having a personal connection with your coach is IMPORTANT to your success, AND having someone be there with FEELS FANTASTIC.⠀ But, to be frank, that kind of attention and detail is 800.00 per month.
Most people do not want to go on a Peanut Butter and Jelly diet, so they can invest in coaching, but getting in those skinny jeans is non-negotiable.⠀
So, how can you get MAX results, without having someone physically touching you in the gym and building a connection with your coach?
Well, let me SHOW you how my client, Alta, has done exactly what you’re looking to do.⠀ Alta has dropped 10 lbs in 3 months, not missed a single workout, enjoys sushi with her family; and we never met in person for training, but speak daily. Alta never had “formal training,” but did crush a half- a marathon in Brooklyn.⠀
Here are the nuclei of my services: Mindset, Accountability, and Rapport.
Here’s why:

1) Mindset: It sounds so cliche, but if you don’t believe you can change and have 200 reasons why you don’t want to change, then no plan or coach will be able to convince you otherwise.⠀ The high-level of self-sabotage (such as ghosting, and not following your plan) indications of your mindset.⠀ ⠀ Let’s set clear goals for you and discover the reasons why you’re doing them, then work.

2) 💪🏿 Accountability: My online clients have the most accountability from me ( and me having a coach I report to as well) is one of the best tools to earn results. If you’re saying “I’m going to fit into these jeans by losing 15 lbs,” then we create a plan, and we focus on consistent execution for at least 12 weeks.

3) ❤️ Rapport: This is the personal connection part. My clients are never “alone” in their journeys; I’m with them every step of the way- while learning more about them.⠀ ⠀ The plan focuses on longer-term results through teaching you how to eat, workout, meal prep, and how to increase will power.
The power of online coaching is to leverage, accessibility, and the opportunity to become self-sustainable. 👍 The last thing I want to say- online coaching isn’t for everyone-which is ok. The reality of coaching is, it’s a 50/50 relationship and you get in what you put out of it.
My client Alta, has gotten some of the best results humanly possible and lives in the same city as Trick Daddy.
So, Whether you try online coaching or In-person, I’m rooting for you to get healthier.
(while eating carbs)
P.S- if you’re ready to learn how you can fit in your skinny jeans and feel FANTASTIC in your own skin and body… then book a call with me by hitting the link below.

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