Weight Loss Lessons From Eminem.

Sep 15th, 2018

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Weight Loss Lessons From Eminem.

Eminem’s has a slender build, covered with baggy clothes, with a black hat covering his eyes. He is one of the most intense rappers to ever record in the studio. He leaves NOTHING behind, whether the album sucks (revival) or his latest album (Kamikazee), he gives it his all.
And that’s what I want you to take away from his latest album, Kamikaze, his MAX effort and the long-term benefits of this effort. The Universal Law: You get in what you put out.
If we filmed Eminem’s immediate reaction after unloading on his 3 minute tracks, he would be huffing and puffing with a full sweat.
But what has Eminem showed us about the benefits of Max Effort?
Huffing and Puffing for Weight Loss
Grammy award-winning max effort is what you have to put into your workouts to see those 20 lbs drop with no return. This effort can be is physical exhaustion, your heart rate beats about 160 beats per minute. If you’re not seeing the results you want, check your effort. Clients actually do the hard part, which is showing up for the workouts after a long day of work., aggravation, etc.)
Now, we have to focus our energy and complete the mission.
In order to burn those calories while you’re not in the gym, we need you to work hard for a short amount of time.
Example of a Rapper giving max effort.
Rap God. Let me know if you feel the effort his putting forth.
Here exactly what MAX EFFORT LOOKS LIKE:
  • Sprinting until your heart is pound and you cannot run any longer
  • Performing push-ups, until you can’t get off the floor
The MAX EFFORT principle are complete exertion. This cuts down your workout time significantly. Which means, you’re on the way to looking ripped.
Shorter and INTENSE workouts = Weight Loss
When you work to physical exertion, your body empties its glycogen (huffing and puffing). During the recovery phase is when you start to burn fat.
Effort with a Personalized Plan for Weight Loss
Our online clients are aware of why recovery is so important and working out more doesn’t mean faster results, but possibly quite the opposite. So, they become “Eminem” during their 65 minutes of total activity (with customized nutrition) to lose the weight and keep it off.
These clients are amongst the busiest with family, grad school, raising children, and numerous other obligations, but still are getting healthier every day.
It is most certainly not easy, but comforting when you have someone beside you every step of the way. Check out authentichas.com to learn how you can be a jacked/lean Garfield.
So can I count on you to be Huffing and Puffing for your 20 minute workout? Comment “HUFF” after liking this article.
If you need help designing a plan that will get you to do this, reach out to me here, and we can have a quick strategy session.
  • In order to lose 20-25 lbs: Huff and Puff
  • Focus on quality, NOT QUANTITY
  • Hit your target heart rate during the workout.
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Always in your corner with Lasagna,
Coach Has

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